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Ceiling Speaker with fire dome
WDR-130-F | WDE-130-F | WDR-130-F-10

One-piece ceiling loudspeaker with ball- proof grille and fire dome, suitable for installation in ceilings of all kinds. The 130 mm housing impresses by high sound pressure level and an excellent frequency range. The loudspeaker will be
completely installed including fire dome. The all-metal housing is impregnated, thus protected against moisture and heat-resistant up to more than 1000° Celsius.

Connect – plug in – ready for use!

Further applications possible due to an additional flush
mounting enclosure for solid walls and concrete ceilings.

Datasheet [pdf] 161 kb

Technical data

Typ WDR-130-F WDE-130-F WDR-130-F-10  
load rating 6W/100V 6W/100V 10W/100V  
impedance 1667 Ω 1667 Ω 1000 Ω  
transformer matching 6/3/1,5 6/3/1,5 10/5/2,5  
sound pressure level (1W/1m) 93dB 93dB 93dB  
max. sound pressure level (1m) 101dB 101dB 103dB  
frequency range (-10dB) 70-19000 Hz 70-19000 Hz 70-19000 Hz  
transmission angle 180° 180° 180°  
dimensions (mm) Ø 167x95 Ø 168x95 Ø 167x95  
ceiling cut-out (mm) 140-150 140-150 140-150  
weight 1,1kg 1,1kg 1,2kg  
connection 4-pole press connector 4-pole press connector 4-pole press connector  
color white RAL9010 white RAL9010 white RAL9010  
accessories UPD UPB    
  flush box flush box for concrete ceilings