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Ceiling Speaker plastic
R-150 | R-130 | R-245

A shapely speaker combination set for installation in suspended ceilings. Both ringsare made of white plastic material. These models are equipped with bayonet fittingand full range systems.

Datasheet [pdf] 243 kb

Technical data

Typ R-150 R-130 R-245  
color white RAL9010 white RAL9010 white RAL9010  
load rating 6W/100V 6W/100V 6W/100V  
impedance 1667 Ω 1667 Ω 1667 Ω  
transformer matching 6 / 3 /1,5W 6 / 3 /1,5W 6 / 3 /1,5W  
sound pressure level (1W/1m) 93dB 93dB 98dB  
max. sound pressure level (1m) 101dB 101dB 106dB  
frequency range (-10dB) 70-19000 Hz 70-19000 Hz 50-18000 Hz  
transmission angle 180° 180° 150°  
dimensions (mm) Ø 166x62 Ø 262x54 Ø 262x95  
ceiling cut-out (mm) 152-155 245 245  
weight 0,8kg 1,0kg 1,4kg  
connection 4-pole press connector 4-pole press connector 4-pole press connector