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Ceiling Speaker for public address systems
BS-30 | BS-120

Two-way public address system for speech and music transmission of exceptionally good quality for installation in ceilings or for ceiling suspension or similar ceiling constructions. 4 two-way chassis with an excellent degree of effi-
ciency and extraordinary sound characteristics. In addition, it is supported by a high-range horn. Housing consists of varnished medium density fibreboard with mounting lugs for suspension via steel cables.
Whereas conventional ceiling speakers are characterized by a hemispherical sound radiation below 1 KHz, we optimized the radiation characteristics thanks to 4 chassis, so that a defined focussing dimension can still be achieved
even in the critical mid-range zone.
Due to its balanced radiation characteristics, high efficiency and maximum level this speaker is strictly in line with the particular requirements of environments with long-lasting resonation, high ceilings and high interference noise level.

Datasheet [pdf] 106 kb

Technical data

Typ BS-30 BS-120    
load rating 30W/100V 120W/100V    
impedance 333 Ω 83 Ω    
transformer matching 30 / 15 / 7,5W 120 / 60 / 30W    
sound pressure level (1W/1m) 102dB 102dB    
max. sound pressure level (1m) 117dB 123dB    
frequency range (-10dB) 80-22000 Hz 80-22000 Hz    
transmission angle 4 / 2 / 1 KHz 50° / 60° / 85° 50° / 60° / 85°    
dimensions (mm) 500x500x300 500x500x300    
weight 21,0kg 22,5kg    
connection 4-pole press connector 4-pole press connector    
color black RAL9005 black RAL9005    
accessories BZ      
  ballproof metal grill