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2-Way-System Wall-Speaker
WDW-330-CX10 | WDW-330-CX15 | WDW-2000-CX10 | WDW-2000-CX15

The ventilated housing of WDW-330-CX is used as a bass-reflex system. It impresses by extraordinary music reproduction thanks to two-way technology. The symmetrical design permits horizontal and vertical installation options. Delivery includes screws and wall plugs. Anti-theft protection is ensured by suitable mounting components. Volume controller can be integrated as an option.

WDW-2000-CX is also equipped with two-way system and optimized for music reproduction.

Datasheet [pdf] 146 kb

Technical data

Typ WDW-330-CX10 WDW-330-CX15 WDW-2000-CX10 WDW-2000-CX15
load rating 10W/100V 15W/100V 10W/100V 15W/100V
impedance 1000 Ω 667 Ω 1000 Ω 667 Ω
transformer matching 10 / 5 / 2,5W 15 / 7,5 / 3,75W 10 / 5 / 2,5W 15 / 7,5 / 3,75W
sound pressure level (1W/1m) 91dB 91dB 91dB 91dB
max. sound pressure level (1m) 101dB 103dB 101dB 103dB
frequency range (-10dB) 80-22000 Hz 80-22000 Hz 90-22000 Hz 90-22000 Hz
transmission angle 180° 180° 180° 180°
dimensions (mm) 330x240x83 330x240x83 265x165x88 265x165x88
weight 2,0kg 2,2kg 2,0kg 2,2kg
color white RAL9010 white RAL9010 white RAL9010 white RAL9010