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The company Poeschel ETG was founded more than 60 years ago in Plankstadt near Heidelberg. Since 1997 the company is domiciled in Oftersheim.

Since 2010 of june the company is domiciled in Flein.

Soon after foundation we started to produce loudspeakers in addition to equipment groups for the electrical industry. The experience and competence gained during these decades are reflected in our current product line. At this time, we had only one policy: to reach the most feasible in technology with the highest possible quality.

As a result of these years, we achieved a high level of vertical integration. In addition to our serial production, we are able to produce systems made to even demanding customers specifications in a short time and reasonably priced.

No matter whether your customer's requirements are your primary focus, the architect would like to integrate loudspeakers into his own arrangement or whether you must gain control of adverse acoustic conditions:

You can rely on: 

  • our know-how - we will help you from the first study up to the finished product
  • our production lines - no matter whether it is about self-perforated plate, CNC-milled front screens, galvanically improved surfaces, etc.